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Jeep fc 170 1961 $11,000
Date: Aug 3, 2018 7:50:00 AM PDT
Author: bigfoot

(9,000 mile truck. This was a fire
department truck. It has holes drilled
everywhere. The body and frame are
spectacular. This truck is amazingly rust
free. It is all stock.

It starts, runs and drives. I took all
the fire department stuff off of it and
just siliconed the holes up.

Drivers door was opened too far at one
point. windshield is new, driver side
glass has a crack. All other glass and
lenses are good. Always been inside.

The motor runs strong, but now knocks.
It used to carry 40 psi oil, then the
knock, now it barely carries 10. Has not
been driven with knock, but has been
moved in and out of the garage under it's
own power. I believe it spun a bearing.

all steering, brakes and transmission
worked great when driven last year.

I bought it to take my dogs out training.
I really want to swap the motor to
something reliable and keep it, however,
if someone must have a all original, rust
free truck to start with, this is it.

I do not need to sell, and would like a
real enthusiast to get it.

I can happily send pics thru text or

rust free, 9000 mile, original 9'box
regular cab.

I am not a fc enthusiast, and I do not
wish to know much more about them, please
keep corespondance down to " I wish to
purchase" or " could you please tell me"

I am a car/truck guy, and I have other
classics, so I can answer questions.

truck does not have a tailgate.

I plan on putting it on ebay in a month
if there is no interest here.

I can deliver for a fee anywhere

Text- 315 730 5833

I do not plan on checking this post.

vin is 6156820359

I am near syracuse ny. Please keep in
mind my time zone. I do not wish to talk
after 9pm. Fred

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