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FC-150 Parts for sale
Date: Jun 6, 2016 9:58:22 AM PDT
Author: Grasshopper150

I have several remaining FC-150 parts for sale. All parts are located in Farmington Hills, MI. Please see craigslist below. All prices are OBO.

These are my remaining 1960 Jeep FC-150 parts:

1) Front Axle: $50
Very rusty. Needs to be completely gone through. Rolls, but sticks at one point.

2) Rear Axle: $50
Very rusty. Needs to be completely gone through. Rolls with no issues.

3) Rear Wide Track Ballast Weight: $150
Rusty, U bolts had to be cut due to rust. The portions of the rods remaining will need to be hammered out.

4) Gas Tank: $40
Bottom is rusty, but no rust holes through it, however, during removal from the Jeep, we accidently put a small 1/8" hole in the top left corner (see pics). It is also contains dried 'stuff' and has no gas cap or straps. Good template, and possible easy fix of that hole.

5) Radiator: $140
No mounting rods, it is still attached to the core support, but that had to be cut, so I would not call that portion usable. It was/is filled with coolant, so there were no leaks, but it did contain sludge, so it may need a re-coring. The marking on the core is from the coolant spill when we cut the hose.

Contact me on my cell. (2four8) 4 two five, 4three, five 3

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Date: Aug 15, 2020 8:04:23 PM PDT
Author: TN21

Dana 27 or 44 front axle?

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